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RMX Brings Leadership Development In House

RMX believes in pouring into its team members – and here is a shining example of just how much.  A professional development program utilizing the ASEM’s Body of Knowledge, (typically presented at RMX customer sites), was rolled out for the team in Knoxville last week.

Dr. Jerry Westbrook,(pictured above), delivered program content selected from the Core Modules offered to customers.  The ASEM professional development program is organized to show how systems management is used to develop a learning organization using the integrated management model.

When asked why conducting this program was so important, RMX President Dr. Truman Bonds had this to say: “the key to the long term success of RMX is to always increase the innovative potential of the company as we grow.  This must be done with a focus on our people.  The topics we are covering in these training sessions will help both company leadership and our innovative people to together master the structures, systems and relationships required to accomplish this.  How the company empowers its people to innovate has to be a core competency of company leadership.”

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