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Advanced Ceramic Fibers

Leveraging the success that its plasma science advancements have had in carbon fiber technologies, RMX also has ongoing research and development in advanced ceramic fibers.

RMX is currently developing DynaXX ceramic fibers. These fibers are unique in both their mechanical strength and high-temperature performance in reinforcing and improving the properties of widely used materials in industrial, power generation, aircraft, defense, and consumer products. Compared to steel at 150,000 psi, DynaXX has a tensile strength of 2,300,000 psi. While carbon fibers lose their strength at 800oC and Nicalon at 1,000oC, DynaXX can operate to 1,600oC. These properties are important as lighter/stronger and more resistant materials (ex. reinforced aluminum) can be produced at lower costs, opening uses to reduce weight in products such as tank treads, vehicle structural parts, and commercial aircraft. These are only a few of the applications where DynaXX can provide “breakthough” materials applications.