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Plasma Science

RMX’s core technological platform is in the development of specialized plasma-based solutions to industrial challenges. RMX has developed several innovative plasma generation systems that utilize proprietary power supplies and tooling. Rather than developing one type of plasma technology and attempting to base applications on that one alone, RMX has taken the path of adapting the plasma hardware, physics, and excitation methods to the application itself. This approach has led to successful applications – including low-cost carbon fiber and gas stream filtration – that have previously not been possible, yielding technologies that are breaking new performance barriers.

RMX’s proprietary plasma technologies generally meet the following criteria:

  • Industrially Relevant – Solutions are provided to improve existing products through practical construction or processing. This may be through synergies with more conventional technologies or completely new technology that is functional and not overly complex.
  • High Efficiency/Cost Benefits – Atmospheric pressure plasma has a high output effect per power input ratio, whether the desired output is physical, chemical, or electrical. More efficient processing means less time and lower cost.
  • Environmentally Beneficial – Plasma techniques can replace many existing industrial chemical processes that involve hazardous substances and that generate toxic waste. The plasma technique can take methods from the liquid phase to gas phase for easier handling and clean up.
  • Customizable – RMX’s proprietary plasma technology has a wide range of possible hardware configurations and operational regime physics. RMX can design and build systems that operate from the “cold plasma” (nonthermal) regime to the “plasma torch” (thermal) regime to meet a wide variety of application requirements. Any process can be scaled down or up to meet process needs.

RMX is developing a new method of plasma-based gas-phase processing and filtration. This technology involves the integration of a ceramic composite fiber filter media with a non-thermal plasma discharge. The proposed technology will provide a reliable and economical solution to syngas cleaning. Other applications include production involving gas-phase processing, such as medical sterilization of air, chemical generation using plasma, and pollution reduction techniques.

In addition to research and development of product-enhancing solutions for its clients, RMX manufactures and sells plasma-based materials processing equipment for use in laboratory environments.